Status Update #1 (Progress is being made)

It’s been just over two weeks since I announced the show and launched this site, and I have made some progress since then.

I have worked out that I am going to build each site using Author Website in a Box as a base.  This is my very first “site in a Box” project, and it was the inspiration for this show. It uses my preferred page builder, and comes with most of the plugins required for any given site design.

The first site I will build is the site for this show. It took me a while to find a good podcasting plugin that I could bundle with the site, but now I have: Seriously Simple Podcasting

That plugin does everything I need, including embedding the audio player in post excerpts (an important design feature). And that’s great because it’s on my list of core features for the site.

BTW, I have also created a basic podcast cover for the show.

Next step: writing a show bible, and the script for the first episode.

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